Life’s little pleasures

I love the simple things in life.

  • Brand new crayons
  • Rain
  • Holding hands
  • The smell of a home cooked meal
  • Childhood innocence
  • The sun’s warmth
  • Cuddling 🙂
  • Watching clouds pass
  • The first flower in spring
  • The sound of leaves crunching
  • The beauty of a snow covered landscape
  • A perfect cupcake
  • Sunrises
  • A mother’s love
  • Snapshots of a memory
  • Honest mistakes

We can dissect anything until it is no longer simple or we can take it for what it is and move on.  Enjoy the simple things in life and don’t waste time trying to complicate things.  Just take a minute to breathe and don’t forget to smile.


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