Rain on a window.  Leaves crunching beneath your feet. Fall. Football games. Big sweaters. Pumpkins.  Cuddling and holding.  Holding close.  I look out the window and see a pile of leaves picked up by the wind.  Red and orange and yellow fragments of trees swirling around in the air. Wistful and free.  School busses and crossing guards and children holding hands across the street.  A fire roars in the fireplace and we cozy up in each others’ arms.  You are the big, comfy sweater around my heart. You are like sweatpants after a long day of jeans.  You are the blanket wrapped around me when I curl up on the couch.  You are my heart, you are my light in the dark. You are the fall, the season that inspires me. The season I love.

You are my love.


4 thoughts on “Fall

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