Give me something. Anything.

Lately I find myself thinking, “Oh my goodness I cannot wait to be more of an adult.” What I mean is I can’t wait to get engaged or married or have a house with that person and start a family or have a career or feel accomplished.  And then I think about how people say these are the best days of my life and how I should just slow down and enjoy it because later on I’m going to wish I could go back.

I believe those people, mainly because I wanted so badly to grow up when I was a kid and as cliche as it sounds, I do wish I would have cherished my youth more but right now I feel like I’m stuck.  I’m so young and I have so much ahead of me I know. But sometimes it just seems like all the work I’m doing and all the effort I’m putting into the things in life just aren’t getting me anywhere.

Maybe I’m just too ambitious for my own good. Or too impatient. I don’t know. Maybe I’m just so happy that I want to assure myself that I’ll still be this happy when I get older.

I guess what I’m asking for is a sign? Although generally I believe that if you look at something long enough you’ll find something that you want to happen and believe it’s a sign anyways. You can take anything as a sign but that doesn’t mean that it is one.


Give me some feedback!

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