My cat is freaking out

Without trying to sound like a crazy cat lady, I think today’s post is going to be all about him. 

I drove home for Thanksgiving break today. It was only an hour drive, from Fort Collins to Denver.  But an hour in the car for a kitty is long enough. And let me set the scene for what he is walking into when he enters my childhood home.  My sister and her three boys are there, one is a newborn, one is 2 and one is 4, all eager to touch and squeeze and pet the cat. My mother, who is allergic to cats is from New York and has never been described as quiet.  My dad is not a cat person.  And there are two dogs who have never been too keen on the neighborhood stray cats, however, one is getting older and just doesn’t seem to care much anymore. 

I should also say that my cat has feline herpes.  He got it from his mother while in utero and gets upper respiratory infections as a result when he gets stressed, knowing this I doubled the dosage of his medication today hoping that it would help him.  

The babies are all screaming and running around and eventually crying.  My sister is stressed and yelling because of that. I introduce the cat to the older dog and he hisses, the dog just lies down in the corner. The younger dog however proceeds to growl and jump and bark at the cat. The cat hisses and growls right back knowing full well that he is more protected than the dog in this scenario. No wonder he is freaking out. 

He finds plenty of hiding places and does have the basement to himself for the most part and will sleep with me like every night but that poor cat! 

On the bright side, my dad said, “He’s awfully cute for a cat.” And then proceeded to hold the kitty in his lap for half an hour. 


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