I am the luckiest girl

It sounds cliche and so many girls say they are “the luckiest girl ever like omg!!” But I do honestly feel like that.

My family is big and loud and crazy. My oldest sister is inappropriate and often has a hard time filtering the words that come out of her mouth around people. She’s made some mistakes, but I love her and I learn from her and she’s one of my best friends. My other sister is religious, sometimes hard to get along with (for me at least) but she loves her family. My mom was born and raised in New York and definitely has a flair for the dramatic. My daddy is my hero, intimidating to some, yes. But he has such a big heart and always stands his ground without coming off too strict. And don’t even get me started on my nephews and my extended family.  But overall, I love them and they love me, so for that, I’m lucky.

So needless to say, family dinners like the one I had tonight to celebrate my birthday get crazy. And at times, even embarrassing, but there’s no one quite out there like us.  And when you throw someone into a situation like that and they not only endure it, but they enjoy it, you know they’re a keeper.

I think I fell even more in love with my boyfriend tonight. He’s the only one I’ve ever subjected to a dinner like this and honestly he’s probably the only one that could handle it. He’s been to other family functions of mine but until tonight they all seemed fairly normal, which for me and my family is generally abnormal! So tonight he got a glimpse of the real deal, he saw a bit more of where I came from and of how we gather together for special occasions. He got to see my dad get all choked up when he made a toast. He said, “20 years ago, we had a baby girl.” Simple as that. He saw that and he can now understand why I’m okay with men showing emotions. He saw how my uncle and I mess around so much and how sassy I can get with family. And of course he saw how inappropriate my sisters and I can be when we get around each other. And he saw me. With my family. Surrounded by people I love and who love me. And he was one of them. And for that, and the fact that I have an amazing family, I am the luckiest girl in the world.


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