I’m sorry that I didn’t write yesterday (for those who care). I had every intention to but I fell asleep texting and if I couldn’t even stay awake enough for that then I can’t be judged right?

So there are two news items in my life right now, and while I’m sure that most people just don’t care, for those of you who do, here you go!

1. Apparently I am in the top 35% of my class! Not only was I surprised by this, but I was slightly encouraged. Considering I’ve been questioning my purpose and my efficacy in college, it felt good to know that I’m kind of being recognized. But at the same time, now I feel pressure to keep up with that standard. Life is a toss up. 

2. I got my second tattoo today. It is representative of my sisters and I. It’s three hearts, one with a cross for my older sister Heather, one that looks like the heart tattoo my sister Theresa has for her first son and one that looks like it’s been sketched because I always sketch hearts on myself and on notes in class and everything. At the bottom is the word “Sisters.” I went to the tattoo place with my best friend of 18 years, Kyla. Since she is like a sister to me but wasn’t included in the tattoo, I wanted her to be included in the process of getting it.  Again, this tattoo means a lot to me. I’m incredibly happy that I got it.  


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