Being the bigger person

I am the kind of person who always tries to take the high road. I try my best to “be the bigger person” and most times it’s fine, everything works out and that’s that. But is it really being the bigger person if you are constantly being treated like shit by the same person for no reason whatsoever? That sounds like being a doormat to me and not being the bigger person at all. 

And another phrase that seems to come up is “treat others the way you want to be treated.” Well here’s the thing, I have treated this person with respect and honesty and thoughtfulness and all I’ve gotten in return is pettiness, drama and bitching. So when do I get to start treating them that way? When does it become okay to take the low road? 

I’ve put up with it as much as I can and I just cannot take it anymore. There is no reason for me to be treated like this. There is no reason why this person has to be completely unreasonable and selfish. I’m over it. 


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