The missing two pages

I was writing a paper tonight, 6 pages, 30% of my total grade. I was struggling to stay relevant and on topic towards the end of the 5th page and decided to write a longer than normal conclusion to meet the page limit. 

I breathed a sigh of relief when I finally typed that last word and hit the save button. It’s due tomorrow, along with two other papers for different classes and I have been stressing about it all week so it felt good to finally finish it. 

I went to the class website to look over the rubric and requirements one more time. Much to my surprise, the paper needs to be 8 pages in length. 8 pages. I have 6. The whole week of class I could have sworn that the professor was telling us 6. I’m supposed to add two more pages when I was already struggling to come up with the length that I did?! This is exhausting. 


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