An ode to finals

‘Twas the week before finals and all through the town, not a student was drinking, not a frat made a sound. 

The adderall popped and the coffee was drank in hopes that your mind won’t suddenly blank. 

The guys and the chicks depart from their beds, while visions of passing danced in their heads. 

Crammed cafes and library dates, regretting the days you slept in late. 

While out on the campus there struck a big nerve! The Asian kids sprinting to screw up the curve, the readings you ignored piled up to the ceiling, our asses are saved by Wikipedia stealing. 

Time home for Thanksgiving was a bittersweet tease, come back to find college screwing you on your knees. 

Facebook and Twitter prove a hefty temptation, earning your citizenship in procrasti-NATION 

Increasingly worrisome for that borderline class, Friday nights out made it iimpossible to pass. 

All the moments we said “at least I have time” well the time has come… did you do it? Neither did I

Stressed and starved and screwed and sorry, that we skipped lecture to eat Chipotle and watch Maury. 

Sit down to find you forgot your ID… and your blue book, and pencil, and scantron.. Fuck me!

Exams handed out, the questions complex, pray that it’s over, like a night of bad sex. 

Winter break so close we can almost taste it; high school friends, kegs, spending every night wasted. 

Eyes begin wandering while we’re cramped in our seats, that one kid is dragged out for trying to cheat. 

Smelly dude next to me, chill bro, you’re fine! 

Lord knows that your grade will be better than mine. 

Hand in the exam, relieved that it’s done. 

It’s been real, Econ 100, but the furthest from fun. 

One down, three to go, and to all that relate: 

Happy Finals to all, and to all passing grades! 

*I did not write this, it is not my original work unfortunately! But fun for sharing!*


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