On the Connecticut shooting

I find it harder and harder to remain hopeful for the human race. Why would someone ever feel the need to shoot innocent people? Especially, innocent children?

I cannot fathom what it would be like to be a parent or a teacher at the Connecticut school in Newtown.

Those children are going to have problems for life because of some stranger with a serious problem.

Let me be clear, I understand depression, I understand feeling like the only way to stop the feelings you’re having would be to leave the world. But I do NOT understand trying to take others down with you, especially elementary school students.

With all the shootings that have been happening, it just makes me more paranoid and it makes me scared to reproduce. I don’t want to have my children grow up in a world like this.

Teachers have always had a special place in my heart. My grandfather was a well-known history teacher in Denver Public Schools for over 30 years. My first grade teacher and I are still in contact. There was a teacher in 8th grade who probably saved my life when I was dealing with depression. And there was a teacher in high school who let me know that I was good at something and that I should seriously consider doing it in my future.

The teachers at that school saved lives. The teachers at that school need to be rewarded in some way. All teachers need to be respected and appreciated. Those teachers need to be rewarded.

I am not a religious person but my prayers, thoughts and love go out to the students, teachers, parents, administrators, families, police officers and anyone else involved.

Make sure you hug the children in your life just a little bit tighter today.


One thought on “On the Connecticut shooting

  1. They talk gun control, how about the doctors letting these people onto the streets. It is time to start holding the mental doctors accountable for these mental people. Every shooting we have had, they talk about the mental issues they have. Why did the doctors allow them to return to the streets…..

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