Rest in Peace Oreo

I was too young to remember the death of any animals, except for my beta fish who lasted for about two years. 

But today, my dog fell down the stairs. She threw up blood and couldn’t get back up the stairs, I pet her and cried and then carried her upstairs. All day she was looking at me as if she was just asking for help. She was old and she was very loved. 

The hardest part was watching her struggle. And then when she just didn’t want to go in the car with my dad. 

There are lots of beautiful children up in heaven that will love how lively she is now that she is there. She can chase squirrels like she used to do when she was young and she can eat all the bones she wants without having to worry about our other dog stealing them. 

I hope we gave her a good life and home. Rest in peace Oreo. 


One thought on “Rest in Peace Oreo

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