The story of Oreo and Me

My childhood dog, Oreo, is going to the vet tomorrow and we aren’t quite sure if she is going to be coming home afterwards. 

We got Oreo when I was in second grade, she’s been the family dog ever since. She’s laid with us when we were sick, protected us when we felt threatened and played with us when we were all a little bit younger. 

Now she is the sick one. She has always had mouth issues, with a growth and then dental issues and today my dad woke up to find a pool of blood next to her from her mouth. She didn’t eat all day. She tries so hard to get up but she keeps falling down, it makes me cry almost every time I see her struggle like that. 

She’s been getting old and we all knew this day would come soon, but somehow it doesn’t really make it much easier. And who knows, maybe she’ll make a miraculous recovery overnight and she’ll be well enough to see what Santa brings her in her stocking. But for now, we just wait and see how she feels in the morning and what the vet tells us. 


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