My New Year’s Eve

Last year for New Years Eve I asked my boyfriend if he would go ice skating with me. He said “I really don’t want to make a fool out of myself.” I assured him that I would be making a fool out of myself as well. He was adamantly against it but promised that we would hang out that night. I waited and waited for the final plans on December 31st and eventually he told me that he was drunk and high with his friends and couldn’t hang out with me. A month later, he broke it off. 

This year I asked my boyfriend to go ice skating with me on New Years Eve as he had promised to spend the evening with me as well. He said he thought it would be fun, regardless of the fact that he’s not very good at skating. He made me dinner and then we went to the ice skating rink. It was closed and yes I was a little disappointed, but at least I was with him. And when the ball dropped at midnight last night, instead of crying at home like last year, I got an amazing kiss from an even more amazing man. 

A lot can happy in a year. I can only hope that a year from now that same amazing man will give me another amazing kiss. 


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