You’ve begun to feel like home

Sometimes I worry that the relationship I’m in is too good to be true. No matter how many times he assures me that it’s not and that he’s in it for the long haul, I just cannot seem to stop over thinking things. And I know it’s because my last relationship actually was too good to be true. Or maybe not even very good in the first place but it seemed like it at the time.

But I just need to get over it. I was always a cynic, always fairly bitter, but it was for protection, self defense. Now, when I may not need it, it seems I can’t shake it. I know that things don’t last forever and sometimes things just happen that you don’t want, but I am so fearful this time because it’s the only relationship where I can actually see myself with him in the future. I’ve never talked about marriage or children or anything like that with another guy, even when they were the one who brought it up.

I talk about it all the time and I over think things and freak out and I create fake scenarios in my head. And he reassures me. And I know he’s different than all the rest. I just love him.


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