All the Intimate Details

There are moments in life, moments between you and one other person, that are only shared by you two. You’re laying there in the dark, whispering even though there’s no need to, and you’re sharing a part of your soul. And the next day you’ll think about who you want to tell the story to of your sweet, wonderful moment and then you’ll realize that you just don’t have to. You two have your moment and that’s all you need. That’s true intimacy.

A moment, a conversation, a whisper and a kiss just between two. No need to share with the world this time. Something only the two of you know. These moments are what make up the intricate details of a relationship. The details that even your closest friends won’t and can’t understand. The details that make the two of you you. The details that combine “you” and “me” to make “us.” The details of our hearts combining and falling into mutual love and kindness with each other. 

Life is just a matter of moments and details. It’s up to us to make something out of them. 


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