Things I learned in college over the past three days

1. Apparently, when attempting to pull into a parking spot while one car is leaving, having your blinker on to indicate that you would like that spot, is not a good enough indicator to the jackass on the other side of the row who got there after you. A stare down and mouthing the word “no” is not good enough either. Pulling up closer so he knows your serious? Not enough. No none of these things are good enough for him who will just take your spot regardless leaving you honking and cursing and using fingers that you rarely use. Thanks so much for being such a gentleman, you’re lucky that I didn’t key your car or have my boyfriend kick your ass. 

2. My brain is not meant to try and understand philosophy. I don’t like it. 

3. All philosophy teachers are old, white males who think that they have all the wisdom in the world. 

4. Speaking of wisdom, I learned that I only have 3 wisdom teeth but unfortunately I must have them all removed within a year. 

5. You will still waste time talking about things you already know in class. Even a 300 level English class.  The teacher will impart their wonderful ideas of how you should read and retain the information. Of course you must have at least 3 hours to work on their class alone and come to class happy and smiling because it is such a joy to learn about the history of rhetoric. I mean, it is isn’t it? 

6. Writing a sarcastic article about how to read for an upper division English class does actually help to relieve some stress about the class. 

7. Both the communication classes that I am taking are my favorite classes thus far. 


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