My first speech for Public Speaking

The prompt for my first speech in my Public Speaking class was to pick a scene from a movie and write a 2 to 3 minute speech about how it affected me in some way. Sounds easy enough right? And it was. 

So I wrote about how all of the negative feedback regarding Beauty and the Beast was false and I attempted to prove that in two to three minutes. I thought I did a fairly good job and then I ended by challenging those who disagreed to a debate. 

When it was over, my teacher kindly informed me that he has a published article about the negative psychological effects of Beauty and the Beast and that he would love to have a debate with me during the semester. 

What are the odds that out of all the sections of this required course, all the teachers, all the prompts, movies, etc. that I get the one teacher who writes specifically about the movie I choose to write about?!

Luckily since it was the first speech it was a pass/fail grade so I passed. 

I honestly just could not believe my luck. Ces’t la vie. 


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