9 Things I Will Never Grow Out Of

1. Coloring: I mean really what’s not to love about coloring? It’s therapeutic and reminds me of the good old days. Plus if I send a picture to my mommy she puts it up on the refrigerator! 

2. Christmas: Call me cheesy, call me whatever you’d like but I still believe and always will believe in the spirit of Christmas. I will watch Christmas movies whenever I please throughout the year and I cannot sleep on Christmas Eve to this day. 

3. My wonderful, childhood doll, Kelly. I still have my beautiful doll that I loved growing up. Her blonde hair has been turned to dirty blonde dread locks because of how loved she is and there is a hole in her body that is always covered up and her face is dirtier than it once was but I don’t love her any less. My parents didn’t want to spend $100 on the American girl doll I wanted so that got me her instead, she is much better than those other dolls by far. 

4. Blowing Bubbles: I am lucky enough to have three nephews who love bubbles, therefore I am able to use them as an excuse to blow bubbles on my own. Bubbles are just so whimsical and fun 🙂 

5. Going places with my parents: Even if it’s just to the grocery store, I like spending time with them. And sometimes they even buy me things! 

6. Disney movies: They’re even more fun to watch when you’re older because you pick up on one-liners or innuendos you didn’t understand when you were young!

7. Forts: While my attempts at building forts have never been too amazing, when I have some help and it does work out, I want to spend all my time in there. 

8. Playing dress up: Any excuse I get to put on a pretty outfit and high heels, I’ll take. 

9. Dreaming of what my life will be like in the future: I’m happy now but hey a girl can dream right? 


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