Too many thoughts

Lately I have been thinking too much even for me. I’m going through a quarter-life crisis.  Is that even real? Is it possible? I’ve just been thinking more and more about my future and how many things could go wrong. Or right. Here are the scenarios I’ve come up with over the past few days. 

  • I pass the LSAT with flying colors and my GPA is great and I get accepted into the Law School of my choice and pass the Bar Exam and do everything I’ve ever wanted to do. 
  • I pass the LSAT and my GPA sucks and I don’t get accepted to law school and I’m left with my tattered dreams and an English Degree. 
  • I get into law school and fail the Bar Exam and have nothing but my tattered dreams, an English degree and a whole lot of debt. 
  • I somehow become business saavy out of college and open my own Cupcakery.
  • I write for a fashion magazine like Vogue or Cosmo or some other lovely publication.

And all these ridiculous unknowns are driving me crazy! What if I don’t even like law school if I do get in? I mean I know asking “What if” questions is ridiculous and only makes us crazier but they’re all valid questions! 

Anyways, I did an exercise in one of my classes today that I will post later that was a little helpful. Maybe anyone else who might be questioning their lives should do it too. 


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