Yes, I’m An English Major. No, I Will Not Be Working At McDonald’s.

Thank goodness someone else out there agrees with me.

Thought Catalog

When I was 5, I wrote my first book. Sure, it had a grand total of 4 words (the first two being my name and the last two being “The End”) and the stick figure illustrations could have been more detailed, but it was the first step I had ever taken in the writing industry, an industry that I would aspire to call my home.

Now let me preface this by saying that I am not your typical writing fanatic. I don’t bring my laptop into Starbucks, put in my headphones and “release my creative energies” for 5 hours at a time because first of all, I believe writing is a personal practice and second, as a native New Englander, my loyalty lies with Dunkin Donuts. But this is besides the point, of course, because I’m not creating this post to discuss coffee preferences (just to put them out there…

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