My 19th (or so) first day of school

Here’s how my first day of my Junior year in college went. 

I started the day out right, I got a parking spot in less than five minutes. Success. I’m thinking, today  is going to be a good day. 

My first class is Moral and Social Problems, it’s a 100-level class that I need for my core curriculum and I know it is going to be mostly freshmen.  That was confirmed when I see a group of people standing outside the door, waiting to go in.  I asked if any of them had tried the door, of course not. So I of course, open the door and turn on the lights, because I understand that freshmen are too scared and don’t really know any better.  The class seems fine, I even raised a question about the topic during the “class preview” and the homework seems tolerable. 

Next I have a class I’ve been dreading, History of Political Thought.  Since I am a Poli. Sci. minor, I have to take at least one upper-division theory class and I was told that this class specifically will count for another history credit as well as a Poli. Sci. credit. There is a girl I recognize from other Poli Sci classes sitting behind me, she does not shut up. About anything. Then she asked her friend how many law schools she applied to, before her friend could go into much detail, this girl cuts her off to talk about herself some more. But the teacher seems nice and I’m only hoping that the readings of Plato, Machiavelli, Locke and Marx are fairly easy to comprehend and at least somewhat interesting. 

Next is the class I’m really looking forward to, Adolescent Literature. I had written down that it was in the same classroom that my Moral and Social Problems class was in. So I head back over there and again, I’m the first one to open the door and sit down. While I’m watching people enter the room, I think to myself, “There is an abnormally high number of males in this class for a literature class.” Then the professor comes in, an old white guy, looking nothing like the Antero Garcia character that is listed as the professor on my schedule and carrying a textbook that I don’t recognize. He waits until the clock hits 12:30 and says, “Welcome to Criminology.” Awkward. So I try to sneak out quietly and as discreetly as possible for sitting close to the front. I hear a couple of “Whoops” and then think about all the blonde jokes that I will get as soon as the door closes behind me. So I frantically go online to look at my schedule and find the right classroom. I get there, of course class has already started and there are no seats that I can just easily sneak into. The teacher directs me to one in the far back corner of the room. I quietly ask the guy next to me if I can read off his syllabus with him and I will get one on the way out. He says yes and then raises his hand and says, “Can she get a syllabus?” So I say, “Well I could have asked for one myself.” I mean really dude? Do I really need you to ask for a syllabus for me? Anyways, the teacher explains that within the 16 weeks of the semester, we are required to read 13 novels. Oh and by the way, the first one is 440 pages and needs to be read in full by Thursday. There will be a quiz. And adolescent literature has now begun to consume my life. 

Next is another 100-level class, Principles of Animal Biology. If all goes according to plan, this will be my last science class ever. It is in one of the biggest lecture halls on campus so when I go to the classroom and see a bunch of students waiting outside the door, I ask if one of them checked to see if the previous class was finished. One girl said that when she looked, there were a lot of students in there. So I stand there waiting patiently. At this point however, the previous class would have been finished so I open the door and look at the slide projected on the wall. Low and behold, it says, “Principles of Animal Biology” so once again, I lead the pack into the classroom. The teacher seems nice and the class is a typical first class, introduction, syllabus, course expectations and schedule. So we get out early 🙂 

And an hour and a half later, it’s time for my Writing Online class. Seriously, once again, I open the door, no one is there so I walk in and everyone else that was waiting then follows. Anyways, I can tell right away that the teacher is a bit of a hippie. Her green flowy skirt matches her neon green toenail polish and her crazy red hair runs amuk atop her head as she tells us that the class philosophy is focused on what we want to do for the world around us and what we wish to share with our society. I mean, since we have to write a blog for the class I’m thinking that’s what I’ll share? Just a hint. But in the end we got to use glitter and markers to make name tags so that was fine by me! 🙂 


One thought on “My 19th (or so) first day of school

  1. I love Machiavelli! Seriously I could read The Prince every week. Locke and Marx on the other hand not so much. And as a History and Classical Culture double major do not even get me started on Plato… The man could not create a simple sentence to explain his theories if his life depended on it! Sounds like you have a fun semester ahead of you though. What is the first novel you have to read? Being as this is my first year out of college, I am torn. I love not having homework, but I miss the excitement of new classes.

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