Happy birthday/anniversary?!

Yesterday, my blog turned one year old! It seems like just yesterday I was creating it! 

Just kidding. Well about the sappy creation line, it really is a year old. 

While I may not have written every day like I wanted to, I had valid reasons. For example, the interenet at my parents house is just not compatible with my computer so for the three months of summer that I was there for my internship, I couldn’t write nearly as easily or as much as I wanted to. And secondly, I have another blog.  It is for my Writing in Online Environments class so it is themed and targeted for a different audience. But if you are interested in baking, you can feel free to follow my baking blog. It’s supposed to be fun and cute and is still a work in progress so be nice!

The thing that suprises me most about this blog is that I have 100 followers, and I know that that number is nothing compared to other blogs that have been up and running for a year, but for me, the fact that even one person cares enough about what I have to write to follow up on it, is amazing. I am not a professional blogger or writer, I am just a college student who writes when I have time and when I feel inspired, so I am pretty proud of myself. 

Thank you to all my wonderful followers, and those who read my writing even without clicking the “Follow this blog” button. You all keep me going. 

Happy Birthday Blog! 


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