Doing Yoga with a Cat

In my pursuit to making time to do more yoga, I found a wonderful website that every yogi (or wannabe yogi) should know about. It’s called Do Yoga with Me and it is FREE, HD videos of yoga classes, with varying focuses and degrees of difficulty. 

Anyways, I was trying to do their “Core Fantastic” video, it was perfect because it’s quick but makes you work and feel it. 

However, for those of you who aren’t aware, cats just love yoga.  I mean, if you don’t have a scratching pad for a cat just get a yoga mat! I was unaware of their love for scratching mats until I found one of my two yoga mats with a hole in the middle. Anyways, the scratching the mat underneath my downward facing dog, was the least of my troubles. 

When trying to do my Warrior 1 pose, my cat thought, “Hey, that outstretched arm looks like a great place to hang off of.” And so he tried. That threw off my balance and my breathing. I couldn’t help it! I can’t remain focused enough to try and hold the weight of my cat off my arm as well. 

Lastly there was the fun biting. My lovely cat is generally only a biter when we are playing. Or of course when I’m doing yoga. Plank pose? “Ooh those hands look tasty!” Upward facing dog? “I’m going for the toes!” Who knew I looked so irresistible while exercising. 

So in honor of my experience, here is a wonderful picture for your enjoyment.  The cat even looks like a less cute version of mine! 



This picture and more like this, can be found here


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