I’m sorry, what?

I met with my advisor today to talk about what classes I need to take next semester.

Every advising appointment has been the same, she goes down the checklist and recommends the sequencing I should take the classes in. Then I walk out thinking “There is an endless amount of classes I still need,” or “I swear they added more requirements to my major!”

Today, I was not prepared.

Today, I walked out of there thinking, “Wait, did she just say I’m going to graduate early!?” And while I was excited about this news, I was also freaked out. A lot.

That changes everything. Do I take the LSAT early? If I do, I have to quit my job and devote all my time to preparation.  If I do, do I apply to Law School early or do I wait and take some time? If I take some time will that put me in a bad position when starting? Where am I going to live if I can’t sign a year long lease? WHAT?!

Today, I saw the end of my previously “endless” list of classes. And I do not know how to handle it.

I need a grown up!


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