My 7 Career Back-up Plans

Over the weekend, I was asked if I have a backup plan for the possibility that I won’t get into Law School. And while, over the years I’ve had many of backup plans, now that reality is setting in and the future is not seeming so far away, those plans all seem a little bit… far-fetched or just not very well though through. I mean the first thing I would do upon recieving a rejection email would be to break down. I would completely question everything in my life up to this point and then lay in bed for a few days. Or weeks. 

That being said, I would have to evaluate my options. I would then have an English degree, with all law related internships and therefore no experience using my “workplace skills” in an English related field. So to make myself feel a little better, and just to really answer the question, I will list my back-up plans, in order. 

  1. Editor of a magazine While I would love to work at Cosmo or Vogue, I would also love to stay in Colorado, so… unless I am willing to uproot my whole life, that is not entirely feasible. 
  2. Teacher I really could only teach kindergarten or high school, and neither one sounds particularly appealing. I would also have to get my teaching certificate and probably get my masters in education or something similar and let’s be honest, I probably wouldn’t be too passionate about teaching English and therefore wouldn’t make a very good teacher. 
  3. Paralegal This would be the closest I get to being a lawyer without being accepted into Law School. Yes, I would be working with the law and in a legal environment, but I would always be envious of the lawyers I work with and have a constant reminder that I just wasn’t good enough to achieve my top goal. 
  4. Stay-at-home Mom I do not know if being a stay-at-home mom would be truly fulfilling for me. Plus, I have to get married first, and we have to be able to survive on one income so… probably not too likely. 
  5. Fashion I studied fashion design at Fashion Institute of Technology in New York for a summer, I liked it. But I didn’t think I could do it as a career. Plus, I would have to move. And who knows if I would be any good at it today? I mean, I was really hoping that skinny jeans would be a fad that died out and look how that turned out. 
  6. Make-up Artist This could be fun, but I’m not very good. At all. I can barely do my own smokey eye. 
  7. Crayola Product Tester I’m not even sure this career exists but it is my last resort for a “real career.” I would have fun, trying to determine whether or not a marker is truly erasable, or if the crayon really doesn’t work on the walls, but overall, I don’t think that I would be entirely happy with my life if I was using my degree to color on things.  

Give me some feedback!

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