The Millennial Generation

I was once someone who would defend my generation. I’d say, “We’re really not that bad,” or “Look how the times have changed, we have to adapt” blah blah blah.

After being a manager for 8 20-something college students, I disagree. And I don’t defend them. However, I do not identify with them either. I, and many others I know, am an exception to the rule. The rule that says Millennials are entitled and lazy when it comes to working. 

Yes, we may be accepting of different sexualities and understanding of different religions but there are not many of us who know how to work hard. We complain about so much, but we don’t try to change anything. We say we’re unappreciated but we barely do anything worth appreciating. We say we are too stressed about working so much but don’t want to cut down on hours because we will lose money for fun things. We think we can do a better job than someone above us but we neither prove ourselves, nor understand what those above us actually do. 

I can no longer sit back and defend those people who fit that description. Again, we have good traits, and there are many of us in this generation who do not fit that description and should be applauded and appreciated. But for those who don’t, when are you going to grow up? What are you going to teach the next generation about working? When will you ever improve your work ethic? Or earn things instead of having them handed to you?

You can’t change personalities and unfortunately there are too many bad attitudes out there to make things bearable. I am a millennial, I am a hard worker. Thank you to those like me. 


2 thoughts on “The Millennial Generation

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