The Millennial Generation and Protests

To follow up on my post from yesterday about my generation, I wanted to talk about their laziness and “protests” for our generation. 

Considering how lazy we are in almost every aspect of our lives, why should protests be any different?

What do protests for our generation look like? How effective are they?

Does changing our profile picture on Facebook to symbolize our support for gay marriage get the Supreme Court’s attention? Does a “blackout” of the internet really influence policy makers? 

Gone are the days when we would stand outside the capital building or write to our legislators. Gone are the days where we all take some kind of interest in politics, and educate ourselves enough that we can have a constructive conversation about issues that we actually care about. Again, while this is not the case for all millennials, it is the case for a vast majority of us. And it is so sad. 

Do we really make a difference just by social media? In some instances, yes. But in most, it is just a lazy attempt at using our voice. And for others, it is just the “cool” thing to do. If you don’t change your profile picture to a red equal sign then they will judge you so why not? Everyone else is doing it. 

Step up Millennials. We are the most educated generation yet, how are we going to put that to use? 



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