Happy Thanksgiving

Seeing everyone post what they are thankful for on Facebook today, I spent the whole day actively thinking about what I would write about if I were to post something. So my list is too long for a simple status update. But here it is, today I am thankful for:

  • First and foremost, for my wonderful family. And the opportunity to see them today. 
  • My amazing boyfriend. While I didn’t get the chance to see him today, I am just happy that he is in my life and still puts up with me after all this time. 
  • I am thankful and lucky enough to have a great example of a successful marriage with my parents. It is getting more and more rare to see marriages that last and I am so grateful that my parents have one that has lasted. I can only hope that mine will be the same. 
  • For my health and family’s health. 
  • For the friends that have stuck by me and stay true to me no matter what. 
  • For the opportunity to go to school, to further my education. Not everyone gets that chance and the closer I get to graduation, the more I think of it as a privilege. 
  • For my cat, who is a brat but cuddly and cute and provides me with company. 
  • For food, and a roof over my head everyday. 
  • For NOT having to leave my family celebration to go to work like so many others. 
  • For all my mistakes, failures, and nay-sayers, as they have made me the stronger, better person that I am today. 

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