Live Your Life

Today was the last day of classes (besides finals) for the semester. I thought about having a ditch day but I usually really enjoy the last day, I like hearing what the professor has to say to wrap up the semester, especially in smaller classes where they have a better chance to get to know you. 

One of my professors was telling us her philosophy about grades. They’re not that important. We worry so much about grades but in the real world, they don’t indicate much. I have always thought that, but unfortunately law schools generally do not. The whole discussion got me thinking. 

Why don’t we live life more? I guess more specifically, why don’t live my life more? I’m in my twenties. Aren’t your twenties supposed to be the time when you party and drink and wake up with fuzzy memories and do things you know you probably shouldn’t? I don’t do any of that. I worry too much. I stress probably too much. I don’t sleep enough. I forget to take deep breaths. I don’t call my parents or my sisters as much as I could. I don’t keep in contact with friends as much as I should. I don’t stop to take a look around me and really appreciate where I am, how I got here and where I have the potential to go. 

I have two sticky notes on my white board above my desk where I keep my reminders. One is a quote from my Daddy that he told me my first day of college and has continued to tell me throughout, “Remember what you’re here for.” And the other is my reminder to myself, it says, “Breathe! Relax, and smile.” Those would be great, if I took time out of my day to actually look at them, to read them, take them in. 

Generally, I look at the one that says to breathe when I am writing a paper. I type away, look up for a minute, glance over and see the word “breathe.” Then I take a deep breath and keep typing. But why don’t I take a deep breath and then take another one. And then tell myself, this essay is going to turn out fine. I am going to be fine. 

I suppose I am just writing this all down with two hopes. One is that someone will read this and relate, and let me know that I am not alone. And two, that I can inspire people to breathe and relax and live life the way they truly want to live it. Not the way others tell them to, not the way their school or their work makes them. How they want to live. And maybe that means letting an email go unanswered, turning off your phone, staring out the window, reading a good book with some tea, (or coffee or beverage of choice). Or maybe it means that you will just go to sleep and wake up tomorrow remembering that it is a new day, and that you have the power to make it a great day. 

And now I will leave you with the same sentiment that my professor left us with for the semester. 



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