Change and College

For my hardest semester of college, while working two jobs and maintaining a social life, I ended up with a 3.0 for the semester, including an A+ in one class. I’ll take it. 

However, with only a year left in my college career, I am still waiting for the big moment of change. I feel like people always say when you go to college, you change. You grow up or you become more of yourself. But I don’t think that has happened to me. I haven’t partied more or less than I did before college, I might have matured a little bit more, but overall, I don’t know if I have seen that much change. It’s not like when I come home for a weekend people talk about how different I am or how much change they’ve seen. And believe me there’s definitely room for improvement. So have the changes been so small that they are hardly noticeable? Or have they not happened at all? 

If anything, the only thing that has changed has been my way of thinking about things. Sometimes in a broader spectrum and sometimes just remaining calm. 

“To exist is to change, to change is to mature, to mature is to go on creating oneself endlessly.” – Henri Bergson


One thought on “Change and College

  1. I was kind of expecting the same thing when I started college. Now that I’m entering into my very last semester of college, I really don’t see a big change. I do see a change in the way I think, the way I present myself, and other things along those lines. Every time I come home, there’s nothing anyone has to say besides the different experiences I’ve gone through. Personally, we tend to not notice these changes affecting us, but other people do pick them up. My relatives have told me just recently that I act more of my age and that I’ve become a very level headed person. I was flattered by this.

    Now that I think about it, maybe the “huge change” is all about getting older and understanding more.

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