Early Classes

8AM Classes should not be offered to upper classmen on college campuses. 

It’s just torture. 

When I was a freshman, living on campus I could deal with an 8AM because I lived on campus so I could leave 5-10 minutes before class started and be on time. And then I could go back and fall asleep. But now that is not the case. You have to worry about parking, scraping off your car in the snow, traffic, ugh. 

First world problems, I know. 

But let a girl rant once in a while okay?

Anyways, in case anyone is wondering, my second to last semester will be filled with the following: Writing and Style, Literacy and Gender, Modern Poetry, The Collective as the Protagonist and my favorite, Civil Rights and Civil Liberties (I sit there in awe, such a nerd I know). 

And after this semester I only have 15 credits left… Ah! 


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