Let’s Talk About ‘Gendering’

This post is going to be somewhat of a rant, but an educated one, and one that I feel is important. 

In the majority of my classes in college, I have learned about “gendering” and stereotyping and gender roles, etc. And the more classes I take that discuss these topics, the angrier I get. Only because, I constantly feel like the teacher is trying to make me feel bad for being a “girly” girl. 

Stereotypes exist because in some aspects, they are true. Not for everyone, but for a lot of people, they are true. 

I am a woman. 

I like to bake, shop and try on pretty shoes and clothes. 

I clean up when I am procrastinating or emotional. 

I enjoy reading and writing. 

I love high heels and the color pink. 

I do not believe that any of these things is because I was “gendered.” 

My dad had three daughters. All three of us are incredibly different. He tried to get all of us into a sport of some kind. Soccer, golf, basketball, etc. However, none of us are interested in sports. We can all sit down and enjoy a football game, but we don’t necessarily watch other sports or play these games in our spare time. 

I was not told that I shouldn’t like sports, I just don’t. 

My oldest sister is into Star Wars and beer and things that might be labeled as “masculine” things. She also likes “girly” things, but not nearly as much as myself. Her three year old son came up to me one day and said, “Mimi, you’re a princess. Mama’s not a princess.” The only reason I could discern that he might believe these things is because I’m “girly” and she is not. So I explained that Mama is a princess too, she is just a different kind of princess, more like Princess Leia than Cinderella. He understood and now he thinks that all girls are princesses in different ways. 

I understand that some people were not as lucky as I was in what they were taught, that’s not really my point though. 

I understand that gendering still happens, but by making people who may be “typical” feel bad for “perpetuating a stereotype” isn’t fair either. This is who I am and I should not be told that it’s not okay to be this person either. 


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