Getting Lost

This week has been strange. 

I’ve been sleep deprived, emotional, over-sensitive, slap happy and stressed. 

And of course, in true Marina tradition, I have been over-thinking everything. 

Today I could feel the breakdown coming. I was on the verge of tears all morning. I couldn’t think any positive thoughts. My own thoughts were consuming me. 

So I decided to do something about it. 

I made a playlist of all the songs that I could possibly relate to or that described my situation perfectly. And then I got in my car and just drove. I didn’t worry about how much gas I was wasting, or whether or not I would get lost, I just drove. 

I sang my heart. I didn’t care how it sounded, I didn’t care how loud the music was. I just sang those songs. I cried very little (surprisingly) but did allow a tear or two to finally fall, when a lyric really resonated, or a hurtful thought crept in. I drove until the playlist was over. I drove in circles for two hours. And I communicated occasionally to specific people via text (when I was at a stoplight, I promise). 

And now, I feel better. I’m still not Little Miss Sunshine by any means, but my brain calmed down. I was able to weed out some of the thoughts that were just overreactions or brought on by minuscule things. And I’m even more grateful now for the people in my life than I was when I got into the car. 

“Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage.” ― Lao Tzu


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