Just Listen

For the first time in my life I feel the need to verbalize everything that’s in my brain. Writing just isn’t going to be adequate this time.
I need to know that someone hears and actively listens to what I’m saying. That they understand what I’m talking about. That they allow me to show that vulnerable side that I rarely show.

It’s just too much of a build up. It’s not going to be composed and polished like a piece of writing. It’s going to be random and messy. Chances are some of it will only make sense to me but I want someone to make the effort to try to make sense of it.
I’m in uncharted territory here and I need some help navigating.
Sometimes I can’t always have it all together. Sometimes I want to feel like someone worries about me; When I feel like I’m losing control on my generally tightly controlled world.


Give me some feedback!

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