College Weakens Me

Dear College,

You win. You have defeated me once again. You are the epitome of a con artist. You start when we are young and you build us up and you make us believe. You give us hope and you tell us we can do it. And then you spend the next four years continually bringing us down. And here I am, looking up at your boot that is just waiting to come down on me.

You are unforgiving and cold. You create a community of zombies constantly searching for your approval.

You trick us into believing that we need you, that you are the only way for us to make it. You are the abusive relationship we are too scared to leave.

In reality, if we all decided to leave you, eventually you wouldn’t exist anymore. You would slowly start to fade away until you became a distant memory of some outdated institution that we cannot believe was actually an important part of society.

You steal so much from us and give little in return. You are a stepping stone that is not necessarily sturdy.

You change us. You change our personas, our outlooks and our lives. You hire people to work within your structure and you make us believe that they care about our well-being. They are robotic and self-involved and it is all one big joke.

Here I am College, at my weakest and begging for some guidance. Some mercy. Some comfort. Some advice. Anything to let me know that what I am doing will be worth it. I am begging for someone to relate. For someone to understand. To reach out. To listen. Because you have been so cruel lately. And it’s not in any big, grand gesture. No, it’s a thousand tiny little things that mean nothing at first but then build up and cause a massive breakdown. A single papercut may not cause much pain, but a million of them is excruciating.


2 thoughts on “College Weakens Me

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