10 Ways Carrie Bradshaw’s Life would be Different if SATC was set in 2014

  1. She would use her degree from Brown as a barista while she desperately tries to get a job as a writer and sends her blog samples to the New York Observer. 
  2. She would have a roommate she can’t stand and an apartment that she can barely move in in a less than safe part of Manhattan. 
  3. She would be forced to buy her designer shoes off eBay and thrift stores. 
  4. She would constantly worry about Big or Aiden’s status updates (or lack thereof) instead of waiting by the phone. 
  5. She would have to quit smoking for good because those anti-tobacco commercials just freak her out. 
  6. When she does finally get a job as a writer it turns out to be unpaid, or a mere $100 per column. 
  7. She would end up settling for Aiden because she wants the security and needs to get out of her tiny apartment. 
  8. She ends up having an affair with Big when she realizes that her relationship with Aiden was doomed from the start. 
  9. They get divorced. 
  10. Big and Carrie never get married and coexist happily together in Big’s upper east side apartment while she is completely dependent on him for her own happiness and well being. 

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