Let us Experience

I think it would do this generation and past generations a world of good to live a day or a week in each era of America starting with the 20s.

Let us experience the roaring 20s in all it’s grandeur and extravagance. Then let us experience the stock market crash and the reality of the luxurious lifestyles we enjoyed so deeply.

Let us experience the 30s. Let us experience the meaning of The Great Depression and having to make ends meet and struggling to make rations last.

Let us experience the 40s. Let us experience what wars were like when social media wasn’t around. When enlisting into the army wasn’t a choice. When we didn’t have technology like Skype to talk to loved ones oversees. When letters were meaningful and personal.

Let us experience the 50s. When sleeping around wasn’t seen as the norm. When people stayed in marriages for better or for worse. When the family sat around the radio and listened to fireside chats.

Let us experience the 60s. Let us experience a truly nationwide struggle for basic civil rights. When protests meant more than changing your profile picture or putting a hashtag in front of a catchy phrase.

Let us experience the 70s. When your ability to dance wasn’t judged on the color of your skin. When drugs seemed harmless but really changed peoples lives negatively.

Let us experience the 80s. When exercising was important and even trendy. When we first discovers medical conditions specific to a population that was considered outcasts and not seeing a cure in sight.

Let us experience the 90s again. When technology was advanced but not enough to consume our lives and everyday actions. When we still appreciated family time and that didn’t mean being in the same room playing the same game on different devices. When books had pages to turn not a screen to touch.

Let us experience how lucky we are as a generation and a society. Let us experience that while we still have work to do, we have a come a very long way. Let us experience that the things that are viewed as “problems” today, pale in comparison to the problems of the past.
Let us experience what life was like in the past and then maybe we could appreciate what our lives are in the present.


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