Semester Wrap-up

Considering my semester has been over for about a week now, I suppose it’s about time that I reflect on my hardest one yet. All I have left are 28 credits of electives. “Evaluating Contemporary Television” is going to be a blast. I’m hoping that the rest of my college career is smooth sailing from here. Maybe I can actually have enough fun to experience college in a way that I haven’t before. Maybe I will be able to sleep and not be so stressed and relax just enough to go out on the weekends or skip a class or two. Unless of course, I decide to apply to law school right away. And then the application process will consume my life.

I realized something lately that made me realize the huge differences between relationships nowadays and relationships previously. We have the ability to be in contact with our significant others all the time. The only reason I realized this is because my amazing boyfriend is enjoying a much deserved vacation in Italy for the next ten days. He can text me when he has wifi but it has been very hard because of the amount of time we generally spend with each other or talking to each other. Since we started talking, we have texted every day for the past two years. Of course, we take time to sleep and work and we are not one of the couples who spends every second of every day texting each other. It’s just a very strange feeling to be across the world from the person you love and have limited communication. I think this generation takes for granted the access and ease at which we can communicate with people all over the world. At this point all I can think about is that it should, ideally, get easier every day. And I cannot wait for the reunion!  


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