That’s Crazy Talk!

I’ve decided to do something crazy and not very characteristic of myself. I’m going to stop studying for the LSAT. The LSAT that I take in less than two weeks. This came to me after I took another practice test after studying for over a year for this test. My first practice test was in April of 2013 and I got a 151 on a scale from 120 to 170. (Putting your name on the test gets you a 120 but no offers from law schools, 170 will get you into Harvard if your GPA is good enough.) My score was average and I only need to raise it 4 points minimum to get in where I want to go.

So I started to study last summer, with a year to go before the test. I studied everyday. And this summer I got a different book to study a different portion of the test. Last Saturday I got up at 6AM to take another practice test thinking that my score would at least stay the same if not improve. Well I was wrong. After calculating my score, I got a 145. That wouldn’t get me into any legitimate law schools. I went for a drive and started crying. How could my score possibly have decreased?? I was so discouraged.

I think the main problem is, now that I know about the test and the right methods to get the answers correct and what I think they’re looking for, I psych myself out. I start to second guess my answers and I overthink questions that I shouldn’t and then run out of time.I have put so much pressure on myself to try and get better and get it right that I lessened my confidence.

So my plan now is to close the books. Put down the pencil. And take a deep breath. I will go into the testing site well-rested and as confident as I can be. I will tell myself I don’t know anything about the test and take what I get. I have 31 days after the test to feel okay with this decision. And then I’ll get my results back. And if I did a huge disservice to myself, then I will try not to break down and question my whole life and all my future plans. And if I do, I’ll just try to remember, to take a deep breath.

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