Two years already??

It’s been so long since I’ve written anything. Mainly because of the disappointment of my LSAT. I started this blog in hopes of writing every day and maybe inspire some people along the way. The focus eventually turned to pre-law and the struggles I was facing, so when my LSAT turned out the way it did, this blog seemed to be out of place. However, in honor of my blog’s two year anniversary, I’ve decided to post some of my favorite posts from the past two years. And of course, thank you all so much for reading, following and supporting me. I started this blog for fun and never imagined that I would ever get even half of the followers that I have now. Thank you and I send you my love and support as well. I hope I can inspire you and keep you reading. Stay tuned.

(From oldest to newest)

“You are the big, comfy sweater around my heart. You are like sweatpants after a long day of jeans.”

From: Fall

“A year later, I disappointed my dad for the first time in my life (at least on a major scale), which is something that I never wanted to do.   I changed the way people saw me in a not so pleasant way and to be brutally honest, I disappointed myself too.”

From: The Big Two-Oh

“So tonight he got a glimpse of the real deal, he saw a bit more of where I came from and of how we gather together for special occasions. He got to see my dad get all choked up when he made a toast. He said, “20 years ago, we had a baby girl.”

From: I am the Luckiest Girl

“We need to talk about depression more. We need to help those who don’t know how to help themselves. Please talk about it.”

From: Mental Health in America

“His arms were wrapped around me tightly and I felt as though nothing could touch us. We were the only people in the world and all the bad things would just bounce off of us.”

From: Little Moments

“The details that make the two of you you. The details that combine “you” and “me” to make “us.” The details of our hearts combining and falling into mutual love and kindness with each other.”

From: All the Intimate Details

“I was born in the wrong era.”

From: Come Fly with me to the 1950s

“I used to think of it [unconditional love] as, ‘If I gained 50 pounds and my face got horribly disfigured in an accident, would you still love me?’ But lately I’ve been thinking of it more in terms of, ‘If I am an emotional train wreck, ridiculous to handle, weepy all the time, irrationally stressed out and just otherwise bitchy, will you still be able to love me?’”

From: On Unconditional Love

“While waiting for a class response the girl next to me raised her hand and said, ‘I’m graduating in two weeks and I’m really wondering ‘What do I do with my life now?’ So the professor told us to take out a piece of paper and write in present tense where we see ourselves in 50 years. This is what I wrote…”

From: Into the Future

“To be depressed, is to walk around in a world where everyone sees colors except for you. To be depressed is to wish that when you wake up in the morning; that it was all a terrible dream, because this couldn’t possibly be your life.”

From: 30 Day Challenge: Day 5

“I’m still very much in love with you. But I’ve never been so scared. Scared of losing you, scared of loving you too much, scared of accidentally hurting you, just scared.”

From: Why is Being in Love so Terrifying?

“You are doing great things. So treat yourself like you are.”

From: For the Students

“Maybe that’s why it’s called “the American Dream.” Because it truly is a dream, that not everyone will have.”

From: The American Dream

“Fall wraps its arms around me and welcomes me in. Bring your favorite book and a smile, let’s go crunch some leaves. The crisp air awakens my senses and touches my soul.”

From: Fall (The second one)

“Towering over her, like a wall of safety.  She just stopped talking and he kissed the top of her head beneath a canopy of colored leaves and in the middle of campus, with crowds of people around.”

From: Embracing

“We say we are too stressed about working so much but don’t want to cut down on hours because we will lose money for fun things. We think we can do a better job than someone above us but we neither prove ourselves, nor understand what those above us actually do.”

From: The Millennial Generation

“And we certainly don’t learn how to rebuild our lives when everything we’ve worked for ends up being unattainable. I just want to know that what I am doing, will be worth something.”

From: College Today

“In life, it is important to cherish the little things. Sometimes when we don’t, we realize that those are the bigger, more important things.”

From: The Future and Today

“Today I could feel the breakdown coming. I was on the verge of tears all morning. I couldn’t think any positive thoughts. My own thoughts were consuming me. So I decided to do something about it.”

From: Getting Lost

“Tell me when you’re upset. The minute you stop fighting, you stop caring. If you don’t fight, you can’t fix it.”

From: Fight with Me

“I’m tired of being defined by numbers. GPA, test scores, graduation date, etc.”

From: I’m Tired of College

“And here I am, looking up at your boot that is just waiting to come down on me.”

From: College Weakens Me

“Let us experience what life was like in the past and then maybe we could appreciate what our lives are in the present.”

From: Let us Experience

“Let’s revamp the word bossy for our girls instead of banning it.”

From: Revamp ‘Bossy’

“Above all, just write.”

From: For Writers

“I guess I thought that by putting these words onto a screen, they would somehow stop pooling up in my brain.”

From: Is it Over Yet?

“A girl needs her daddy for every major and minor event, for every meltdown, for every celebration.”

From: Why a Girl Needs her Daddy

“And it felt as though someone was holding my dreams in front of me and letting them shatter to the ground with maniacal laughter in the background.”

From: Speechless


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