11 Things To Tell My Future Children


Thought Catalog

VladisloveM / (Shutterstock.com) VladisloveM / (Shutterstock.com)


You were born with this fiery passion for life and the ability to love more than you can even imagine. People will try to take this away from you; hold on to it as long as you can.


You will meet the most interesting and lovable people in the most peculiar places. Listen to their stories and let them listen to yours. You won’t regret it.


Not everyone you meet will be as honest and trustworthy as you are, so be cautious of who you share your heart with. Not everyone will deserve it.


Watch the sun rise as many times as you can. There’s nothing as calming, daunting, and refreshing as seeing the Earth come alive and a new day begin. It’s also a good reminder that the sun does always rise.


You have just as much of a…

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