Millennials and Technology

The more I am surrounded by technology, the more I grow to hate it. I am only 22 years old. I am not downplaying the benefits that we have gained from technology. I have the platform that I am using to voice my opinions because of the advancements of technology. Skype, medical advancements and others have given this generation unprecedented access to things that previous generations never would have believed. This is a post about the downfalls of technology.

Romance is on life support in this generation. We have no concept of what it is like to not have the ability to be in constant contact with our significant others. Did you know our parents, met and courted each other without the use of Emojis?? They were forced to find a phone and dial a number that they had memorized and hope that the other person was by their phone and could answer. There were no text arguments or winky faces to try and show your tone. During a date, they did not just pull out their phones when there was a lull in the conversation. They communicated through hand written love letters, phone calls and face-to-face communication. We think that if we are not texting our significant other all day, everyday, they must be mad at us.

There have been multiple studies about how Facebook and social media is actually making us less connected to those around us and more lonely. There are two videos that I absolutely love that talk about this same topic. I deactivated my Facebook for about a month around Thanksgiving. My first thought was: “Now who do I tell that I deactivated?” And I knew I was doing the right thing. I reactivated it to download pictures for a Christmas present and I deleted 100 “friends” from my friends list. I thought that I would miss Facebook and looking at everyone’s pictures. The truth is, I really only missed seeing my out of state family’s pictures and if I really wanted to see them, I could have asked them for copies. I was more surprised by how many people said they were thinking about deactivating too when I told them. We literally have the world at our fingertips, we can have all the knowledge we want because of the internet and we use it for cat videos and memes. And what did I do in my spare time without Facebook? For a while I forgot that the internet even existed other than Netflix. I read a book. An actual book. And I socialized in person more. I finished all my finals ahead of schedule. And I didn’t stare at a screen before and after I fell asleep.

Our use of language has disintegrated to the point that we don’t even want to type out whole words. We are condensed to 140 characters or less and use a symbol that was once used for numbers to smash 18 words into one in order to try and elevate our online status. Our online status is the way we see ourselves in the mirror. We take pictures of ourselves and post them to get likes and delete them if we don’t get any. Rather than our confidence coming from within, it comes from the opinions of people we barely know or even talk to. The amount of texts he sends is not equivalent to the amount of love he has for you. The amount of “friends” you have is not equivalent to the amount of people who genuinely care about you.

Those two videos just point out that we need to balance our time wisely. When you’re interacting with people, put your phone away. When you’re feeling down, try deleting social media sites for awhile. When you’re in a situation that you want to remember and that you want to be present in, don’t ruin it by taking videos and pictures of it. Just be present. Enjoy. Look up!


One thought on “Millennials and Technology

  1. Very true! I’m glad that you were able to deactivate for so long- Congratulations! Because of this post, I decided to add to my resolution list reduce my time on social media. Thanks for the push!

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