What It Feels Like To Be In Love When You Don’t Believe You Are Worth Loving

Not my writing but I can easily relate

Thought Catalog

Anne Marthe WidveyAnne Marthe Widvey

You will meet him when you are 25 and when your life doesn’t make sense and it will be after you’ve spent the better part of a month clawing yourself out of a mental breakdown. He will come into your life like a tornado and you’ll get so swept up in who he is and what he looks like and the romance of all of it that you will lose yourself completely in him. His uncomplicated, easy, steady, yet passionate love will sustain you and fill in the emptiness you feel within the way caulk fills in all the holes. It will happen so fast that you won’t even realize that his love was supplanting your own love for yourself. He will love you completely and you won’t understand why.

You’ll ask him seriously, at least three times a week, “Why do you love me?” And he’ll…

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