40 Thoughts You Have While Studying For The LSAT

OMG yes! And then you take the real test and you go through the exact same thoughts and you have no idea how you did when you finish but you’re just glad you finished. And then you just get to sit and think about it for a month while you wait for your score. And then you finally receive your score and your hands start shaking uncontrollably, your heart is racing and then you are crushed with a pitiful score that makes you question the past 6 years of your life and your entire future seems to be a mirage that you were chasing this whole time… Whoa.

Thought Catalog

Screen Shot 2015-01-28 at 9.23.37 AMLegally Blonde

1. This can’t be that hard right? I mean you don’t even have to know anything specific to take the LSAT.

2. They said people in my major score higher than a lot of others, so I’m guaranteed to at least have like a 160 on the first try, right?

3. Wait, what the fuck are these games?

4. I’ve never been so confused in my life.

5. I only have 35 minutes to do them all?? But that’s only like 8-9 minutes per game and passage!

6. Ok, reading comprehension. I was good at this on the SAT, so I bet I’ll be good at it on the LSAT too.

7. Oh man, that was nothing like the SAT reading comprehension.

8. Ok, so if reading comp and logic games are not really my thing, I must be good at logical reasoning.

9. I mean, I’m a…

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