The Art Of Overthinking

So we should always listen to our heart and not our heads?

Thought Catalog


Overthinking. We all do it – of course we all do it. I’ve come to the conclusion that it is probably one of my more hard-hitting habits. I don’t even realize I do it anymore; it has become that natural. Overthinking causes damage, and I mean the “it’s 3am and I’m overanalyzing every aspect of my life – what I’ve done right – what I’ve done wrong in the span of my 19 years on this earth” kind of damage. And by damage I am referring to the beautiful 2 hours of sleep I am willingly allowing myself to lose at night. That’s the problem with overthinking – your mind is going a mile a minute. If something is causing you that much distress or fixation, then it’s clearly affecting your state of mind – and sleep pattern. Innocuous thoughts or not, something is important enough to you.


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