An Open Letter To The Professors Who Care

Wonderfully written, hits the nail on the head!

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Good Will HuntingGood Will Hunting

Dear Professor,

Not all of my professors care as much as you. Some of them are not nearly as thoughtful simply because they don’t think about it. Worse, there are some professors who know how to be caring and actively choose not to be. Some of them talk just to talk, and some of them are the bullies that they tell their classes not to be. But that’s not you. You are here to teach. And you’ve taught me so much more than what’s on your syllabus.

Thank you for having calculators for us students who studied hard and made an honest mistake, forgetting them on our desks at home.

Sometimes we make mistakes that aren’t reflective of our knowledge on a subject. We are human, like you, and we forget things. When this happens, we are often recited a guilt-ridden and self-esteem-lowering lecture by other stern-faced professors. But…

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