About Me

Hello readers!

As some of you know already, my name is Marina Miller.  I am currently a senior at Colorado State University. (Although I started this blog as a sophomore, I didn’t really know how important an About page was until now, in my “Writing in Online Environments” class).  When asked what my major is the quick answer is English but the complete answer would be: “I am pre-law focus, English major with a concentration in writing and a minor in Political Science.” See that’s just too much and could easily come off as pretentious.

The name of my blog is Confessions of a Pre-Law Student because that’s exactly what I write, confessions. And because my life revolves almost entirely about getting into law school. Everything I write has heart in it.  I write to release. Whether that be thoughts, energy, emotions, etc. I am not a professional, I don’t pretend to be.  Maybe one day I will be.  But otherwise, I just try to inspire other people.  Knowing that my words have affected someone in some way, even if it’s just making them think about the topic I write, that’s what means the most to  me.

Love it or hate it, just think about it.

I love pink, P!nk, my wonderfully dysfunctional family, my friends, my amazing boyfriend and my sassy cat, Ninja.

Give me some feedback on my posts and have a wonderful day!


One thought on “About Me

  1. Keep dreaming big Marina. I’m a history and philosophy student at Texas A&M so I can definitely empathize with the “why are you studying THAT” questions haha.

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